Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall Event Starts Now!

I always knew that Minecraft Dungeons was secretly a survival horror game (the Arch-Illager’s laugh has given me nightmares for months). Well, now I hope that other people will believe me because the Spooky Fall Event is now live! From now until midnight on November 3rd, all things creepy and crawly are coming to Minecraft Dungeons. 

Join in on the time-limited Seasonal Trials now, if you dare. Those who complete the scarily difficult challenges will reap the rewards – such as a set of themed items! Make sure you join in the frightful festivities before the time is up, or else you’ll miss your chance to scoop up these spooky treats. These Seasonal Trials not only summon up the spookiest mobs but they also totally leave us in the dark! Literally. With Night Mode, a new challenge you’ll face in the Seasonal Trials, you’ll have to brave the harshest conditions yet. I would tell you more, but I’m already terrified to the verge of tears.

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