When is Amazon Prime Day 2020 in Australia?

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

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Amazon Prime Day has finally been officially unveiled kicking off on October 13 this year. The two-day event is now just a couple of weeks away on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of next month. Historically Prime Day has been a summertime sale reserved specifically for members of its subscription-based Amazon Prime service. In a normal year Prime Day kicks off in July with savings on a host of different kit, and yes, sometimes even PC gaming gear too. But this is no normal year, and so Bezos and Co. have delayed the two-day event until October.

Where else to find deals…

Walmart – Games, Movies, Budget Laptops

B&H – Monitors, Laptops, and PCs

Best Buy – PCs, Laptops, and Accessories

Target – Games, Accessories, and Laptops

Staples – Gaming Chairs

Lenovo – Discounts on Legion Laptops and PCs

Razer – Laptops and Gaming Accessories

Newegg – Components and Hardware 

Microsoft – PCs, Laptops, and Games

Dell – Alienware PCs and Laptops

Amazon’s official date for the sales event list Tuesday 13th October and Wednesday 14th October as the magic Prime Days. It had reportedly already been delayed beyond its original July positioning three times so far, and this is final confirmation that we will indeed see Amazon Prime Day in October this year.

October was about the last time Amazon could realistically hold its own event ahead of Black Friday 2020 and the great Black November consumergasm.

When is Prime Day 2020?

Amazon Prime Day 2020 kicks off on Tuesday 13 October this year, with the two day event running right through Wednesday 14 October. A leaked email had seemingly confirmed Prime Day 2020 was being held in October this year, but the placeholder date of October 5 is just over a week out. 

In April it was suggested that August was likely, then in May it was claimed to have been shifted back to September, and this final confirmation has now pushed that back even further to the second full week in October, bumping dangerously close to the now month-long Black Friday sales.

Early Prime Day Deals available now

Amazon has actually kinda kicked off Prime Day already, as soon as the initial announcement went live about the final dates, a couple of deals have started appearing on Amazon’s own brand products.

Should I wait for Black Friday 2020 instead?

Thankfully, Amazon Prime Day 2020 won’t take up the entire of October and will just be a two-day event, but will you be better off waiting for Black Friday, or will Prime Day offer better deals on the products you want?

As an exclusive Prime Members-only sale you can expect that Amazon’s own tech will be on offer with a heap of deals on Echo and Kindle hardware, but historically Prime Day has also seen a huge number of special offers on laptops too. 

There will likely be a lot of discounts on things like TVs and peripherals too. We don’t expect there to be any big discounts on other PC goodies, though with new graphics cards and processors arriving at the tail end of this year, it is possible that last-gen PC components might see some price cuts.

You will need an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of any of the deals on Prime Day 2020, which isn’t necessarily the case around Black Friday, but it’s often possible to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership with a 30-day free trial at any point. 

We’ll be keeping an eye on what’s going on around Prime Day, whenever Jeff does decide to unleash the really big deals, so be sure that if there are any Prime Day PC deals worth shouting about, we’ll be doing it.

Dave has been obsessed with gaming since the days of Zaxxon on the Colecovision, and code books for the Commodore Vic 20 (Death Race 2000!). He built his first gaming PC at the tender age of 16, and finally finished bug-fixing the Cyrix-based system around a year later. When he dropped it out of the window. Thankfully it’s a lot easier to build a gaming rig now there are no motherboard jumper switches, though he has been breaking technology ever since… at least he gets paid for it now. 

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