Here are the best Boxing Day 2020 deals for Australian PC gamers


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After a day spent indulging, Boxing Day has traditionally been reserved for doing absolutely nothing. Sure, dedicated bargain hunters can often be seen lining up at major retail outlets in order to score discounts, but it’s 2020: the internet exists (oh, and there’s a pandemic).

Boxing Day, like a lot of other things including human interaction, is happening more and more online. Not only that, but a lot of retailers like Dell and Amazon kicked off their Boxing Day proceedings ahead of December 26 this year—an absolutely renegade move.

So you don’t have to scour the web yourself (today’s the day for doing nothing, after all), we’ve rounded up some choice Boxing Day bargains below, all relevant to PC gamers.

BenQ EX3203R 32-inch gaming monitor | AU$599 (usually AU$759)

AU$160 off this 32-inch, FreeSync 2-compatible curved gaming screen, which boasts a 144Hz refresh rate. Most Aussie retailers have this one for AU$759+, so this is a nice 29% off.View Deal

BenQ Mobiuz EX2510 | AU$299 (usually AU$379)

A nice AU$80 off this 24.5 inch 1080p monitor with IPS screen, 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync Premium support. This one has built in 2.5w speakers and a three year warranty, via MWave. If you’d prefer the 27 inch model, that one’s currently AU$349, down from AU$439.

BenQ EX2780Q | AU$599 (usually AU$749)

A decent AU$150 off this 27 inch QHD monitor, with a 144Hz refresh rate and 5 millisecond response time. It has an IPS panel, FreeSync support, and a three year warranty. Via Mwave.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless | AU$90.30 (usually AU$124)

The Ironclaw ranks third in our list of the best gaming mouse, most notably for its suitability for large-handed folk, but also because it «is one of the best feeling mice to grip I’ve ever tested.» It’s currently AU$33 off on Amazon.

Dell G7 17 gaming laptop | i7-10750H | RTX 2070 | 16GB RAM – AU$2,099 (usually AU$2,999)

A tempting AU$900 off this ray tracing capable gaming laptop, which has a bunch of other features to recommend it too: it has a 512GB NVMe SSD with a 1080p, 144Hz 17 inch screen.

Alienware Area 51M gaming laptop | i7 10700 | RTX 2070 Super | 16GB RAM – AU$3,674 (usually AU$4,899)

This ain’t cheap, but if you do want a gaming laptop that packs an RTX 2070 Super and a frankly ridiculous 360Hz refresh rate, this is currently going for AU$1,225 cheaper than normal. Godspeed. Want the same, but with 64GB RAM and a 1TB NVMe SSD? That’s currently AU$4,549, down from AU$6,499. If you want to upgrade to an i9 10900K and an RTX 2080 Super, that model is AU$5,249, down from AU$7,499.

ASUS ROG Strix G35T desktop | i9-10900KF | RTX 2080 Super | 32GB RAM | 1TB SSD | AU$3,999 (usually AU$5,499)

A substantial AU$1,500 off this ready-to-go gaming desktop PC, which boasts some very impressive specs (no 30 series GPU of course, but look: that’s expensive). Via MWave.

Corsair Carbide 275R mid-tower ATX case | AU$99 (usually AU$119)

The Corsair Carbide is the best budget PC case according to our experts. If you’ve been waiting for it to be more, uh, budgeter, this MWave deal slashes AU$20 off the usual price. It applies to both the black and white models.

WD Black SN750 | starting from AU69

These highly regarded NVMe SSD drives are currently going cheap on MWave: the 250GB model is AU$69 (down from AU$78); the 500GB model is AU$99 (down from AU$108); the 1TB model is AU$209 (down from AU$229) and the 2TB model is AU$495 (down from AU$529). Via Mwave.

A note on affiliates: some of our stories, like this one, include affiliate links to online stores. These online stores share a small amount of revenue with us if you buy something through one of these links, which help support our work evaluating components and games. 

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