Fortnite guide: Where to emote at stone statues in Fortnite

emote at stone statues

(Image credit: Epic Games)

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Fortnite week 9 is here, so players have yet another chance to earn some extra XP and raise their battle pass level. Aside from the usual assortment of challenges and quests, some tasks this week are asking players to test their scavenger hunt abilities. This week, players need to emote at stone statue, earning them 20,000 XP.

There’s one really easy location to finish this quest at, so we’ve done the dirty work and whipped up this guide to show you where to go.

Stone statues location in Fortnite

emote at stone statues

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The easiest location to complete this challenge will most likely be Colossal Coliseum. Drop on the north side of the coliseum where the large gated entrance is. At the entrance, you’ll see two stone statues of gladiatorial llamas, because Fortnite.

emote at stone statues

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Stand in the middle of the two statues (or possibly directly in front of them) and just pick any emote from your wheel.

Once you’ve emoted, you should get a notification that you’ve completed the quest.

If you’re trying to complete all week 9 challenges, we also have a guide for where to find the crashed plane’s black box. Our Fortnite hub has even more guides and news.

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