Video: The Best Nintendo Switch Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Part 2)

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Superliminal is a great shout!


Thanks, I’m going to download Love. Hope it has banging chip tune music!


Yooka-Laylee? Nah, not after how they lied during the kickstarter for the orginal!



There is this hidden gem of a game called Celeste. Also a relatively unknown game called the breath of the wild. Apparently it’s a prequel to genshin impact.



Interesting feature. However, in major part thanks to you guys these are well known games to me on the eshop circuit and I own the majority of them (only 2 I don’t).

I think «Love» is the only one I don’t know much about and I didn’t look much into Toryst beyond your review!


@Clyde_Radcliffe «What do you mean? What did they lie about?»

Bringing Yooka-Laylee to Wii U, I guess but it was a dead console at time of release, so they clearly made the right decision. A small developer, as Playtonic were at that point can’t afford to take silly chances if it wants to grow and be successful.


Double-u double-u double-u dot come on now dot come, I’d heard about all of these, most on this very site! ^_^


I’d be more interested in seeing a feature like this about the Wii. So many forgotten and under-looked games on that system because they were just overshadowed by the big-name Nintendo releases at the time and never given a second chance.

The Switch’s popularity and game attach ratio makes it hard to be surprised by these lists if any of us are at least a little up-to-date with game releases.

I mean we are on NintendoLife, after all…


Yeah I feel like Yooka Kaylee, Tourist, two point hospital are all fairly well known (though I don’t know if they sold well).

That said, even though they are all on my list I still haven’t got round to them!


The Tourist was NOT a good game. One of my worst purchases. WAY overpriced, simple, boring, and often tedious. Stay away.


@breathe_easy Ahh okay, thanks. I hear it’s a bit patchy anyway and the sequel mentioned in this article is better. I’m just downloading the demo. 😃



Another vote for Fast RMX! The only thing it’s missing, for me, is online leaderboards.


@Clyde_Radcliffe the original isnt too bad if you can get it on sale, the sequel is 2.5D and more like DKC where as original is a 3D plat and more like banjo kazooie

The original is still worth a shot imo, it’s not as good as banjo kazooie but still worth a play if you can get it on a good sale


Happy to see The Touryst get a mention. A fantastic game. I think of it as a Digital Toy (much like Short Hike as mentioned). I haven’t quite completed it, so I may have to play through again. By this point, I’ve played the “break out” clone available in the little arcade in the game. Well worth your time!



Superliminal has caught my eye a couple.times. I need to put it on my watch list so I can catch the next sale.

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