Random: Man Accidentally Names Nephew After A Pokémon

Plans To Reveal It To Parents As Christmas Gift

Pokemon Sword and Shield

On the notorious Reddit board, TIFU – short for Today I F***ed Up – one user has spilled the beans on the inspiration behind his newborn nephew’s cool name.

Little baby Zacian’s parents have no idea that his name is actually the name of a big dog with a sword in his mouth, it would seem, and user Bladehuraska is planning to give the new baby some Pokémon-related presents for Christmas to «reveal the truth». Good luck with that, dude.

Bladehuraska was playing Pokémon Sword in the back of a van (you know it’s going to be a good story when it starts in the back of a van) and he’d just caught the legendary Zacian with a Quick Ball.

While they were discussing potentially unique names, I kept overhearing they wanted it to begin with the letter Z… I jokingly suggested, «Hey, Zacian is a cool name. It means sword in Japanese.» My mother and family loved it, so it’s now official.

Unfortunately for this man and his nephew, Zacian does not mean sword in Japanese. As the comments on the post point out, Zacian is just Za + cyan, just as Zamazenta, its legendary companion, is Za + magenta – you can even read director Shigeru Ohmori speaking about it in this interview with GameInformer. But the real question is, who names their baby seconds after it’s born with the first random word suggested to them?

Still, there are much stranger Pokémon to be named after, and Zacian is pretty cool as a name. Plus, it’s a legendary Pokémon, so that’s gonna give the kid some clout, right? Let us know what you think the worst Pokémon name would be to give a baby. Winner gets to name the next Nintendo Life sprog.

[source reddit.com]

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