PSA: It’s Diddy’s Kong Quest, Not Diddy Kong’s Quest

But you already knew this, right?


Towards the end of last month, Nintendo added even more classic games to its Super Nintendo online service. The highlight for most was Rare’s 1995 release Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.

As happy as Nintendo is to see everyone enjoying this absolute gem once again, the company’s official UK Twitter account has clearly had enough of fans calling it «Diddy Kong’s Quest» instead of «Diddy’s Kong Quest» over the years:

According to a number of responses to this tweet, many people have been saying the game’s name the wrong way all their life. Obviously, it’s a play on words.

What do you call it – Diddy’s Kong Quest or Diddy Kong’s Quest? Vote in our poll and leave a comment below.


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