Nintendo Discounts Three Major Mario Games On Switch For A Limited Time (Europe)

33% off three Mario hits!

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

As part of Nintendo’s ongoing Super Mario 35th Anniversary celebrations, a small selection of Mario hits are currently reduced on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Europe.

As you’ll likely be aware, it’s not all that often that Nintendo-published games get discounted, so if you’re still to pick up any of the three titles below, now is definitely the time to strike. There’s something for everyone, too, with classic platforming, sports and multiplayer fun all available:

Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Sale

As you can see, these discounts will remain live until 1st November. Make sure to hunt them down on the eShop and purchase them by that date if you’re hoping to get them at these reduced prices.

Are you yet to buy any of these games? Have these discounts tempted you into a purchase? Let us know in the comments.

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